Sibelius  - Academy (2003 - )

Tampere Music Academy (2019 - )

OAMK (2018 - 2019)

Karelia AMK (2010 - 2013)

Pakila Music institute (2001 - 2019)


(2001) Master of Music degree in Music Performance Program in Sibelius – Academy. Solo-Diploma in 1999 with highest mark.

(2000) Diploma of Postgraduate Performance with “Distinction” from Royal Academy of Music.

(2000) Licentiate, Royal Academy of Music (LRAM).

(1992–1993) Sibelius – Academy Youth department in.

(1993) Graduate from Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music.

(1987–1992) Graduate from Savonlinna Music Institute with highest mark.

PUBLICATIONS (Recordings, articles etc.)

"Concertos - Cum tribus" CD.

Astor Piazzolla: "Hommage à Liège".

Tommi Kärkkäinen: Kitarakonsertto "Tener Tempestas".

Johann Sigismund Weiss: Luuttukonsertto. - Janne Malinen, kitara, Niko Kumpuvaara, bandoneon, ja Päivi Vesalainen, klavikordi, sekä Helsinki Sinfonietta/Erkki Lasonpalo.

Serial: JJVCD-240)

Janne Malinen / Fragilia CD

Label: Pilfink

EAN: 6420617450298

Year of release: 2006

Serial: JJVCD31

Robin Tritschler, tenor ja Janne Malinen, guitar / The Renaissance Album CD

Label: Pilfink

EAN: 6420617450748

Year of release: 2009

Serial: JJVCD70

Sibelius-Academy Music Festival 1999 CD

Year of release: 1999

J.S. Bach: Lute Suite no.3

Janne Malinen, kitara

Sibelius-Academy Music Festival 2000 CD

Year of release: 2000

Albeniz, Isaac: Cadiz from Suite Espanola op. 47 (arr. M. Barrueco)

Buxtehude, Diethrich: Suite in E-minor, Buxwv 236 (arr. J. Bream)

Janne Malinen, kitara

Musiikille / Savonlinnan musiikkiopisto 1957 - 2007 CD

Label: Savonlinnan Musiikkiopisto

EAN: 6419369991999

Year of release: 2007

Serial: SAMCD002

Tener Tenebrum I - II Säveltäjä: Kärkkäinen, Tommi (1969 - )

Malinen Janne, kitara

Kitaristi Magazine1/2008 ARTICLE

(ISSN 1795-6501)

Kitaran ääntä vahvistamassa

(Article about amplifying a classical guitar)


UML, Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu (2022).

Heinäveden Musiikkipäivät (2022).

Ung Nordisk Music -festival 2020

Tampere Guitar Festival (2017, 2018, 2019)

Oslo, Levin Hall (2018)

Heinävesi Music festival (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Tampere Guitar Festival (2015, 2016, 2017)
Pietari, Russia. Obraztsova Cultural Cente (2016)
Madrid, German Lutheran church (2016)
Kantakaupungin kitarakonsertit Festivaali, Helsinki (2014, 2015)

Soiva Akatemia konserttisarja (2004, 2011, 2012, 2013)

Oulaisten Musiikkiviikot (2011)

Lohisoitto, Kotka, Finland (2011)

Sibelius – Academy, Soiva-akatemia – series, Helsinki, Finland (2011)

Pielinen soi - chambermusic festival (2010)

Vantaan Kartanokonsertit - serie, Finland (2010, 2009)

"Spring of Guitar"– guitar concert series, Joensuu, Finland (2009)

Finnish Cultural Centre, Concert serie in Stockholm, Sweden (2008)

Ja Kitara Soi, classical guitar festival, Lappeenranta, Finland (2008)

Vantaa Barock, Barock music festival, Finland (2008)

Kotka Guitar Society concert series, Kotka, Finland (2008).

Classics, Savonlinnasali concert serie, Finland (2008).

XIV Guitar Summer – festival in Ikaalinen, Finland (2007).

XII Kirkko soikoon Church Music Festival, Helsinki, Finland (2007).

Tampere Guitar Society concert series, Tampere, Finland (2007).

"Spring of Guitar" – guitar concert series, Joensuu, Finland (2007).

Musica Nova -festival in Helsinki, Finland (2006).

KAKAKIKO – guitar festival in Helsinki, Finland (2005, 2006, 2007).

Kuhmo Chambermusic festival, Finland (2004).

Sibelius – Academy, Soiva-akatemia – series 2004

Johan Willgren festival in Orivesi, Finland (2002).

“Guitarists Heaven” – festival Hämeenlinna, Finland (2001, 2002).

”Ihminen ja kosmos” – festival, Kuhmo, Finland (2002).

Debut Recital – series in Sibelius – Academy (2002).

Tour in USA (Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota) Sibelius – Academy Music Festival, USA (2000)

Bolivar Hall Guitar Festival, London, England (2000, 2002).

Sibelius – Academy Music Festival in Hancock, Michigan, USA (1999).

Tour in Estonia (Võry, Põlva, Tartto, Tallinna) Estonian Guitar Society (1995).

National Guitar Happening in Espoo, Finland (1994, 1997).

Scandinavian Guitar Festival, Tammisaari, Finland (1995).

Kuhmo Young artists Festival, Kuhmo, Finland (1994).


Finnish cultural foundation, Roger Lindberg Grant (2020).

Greta and William Lehtinen - foundation stipend (2010)

City of Vantaa - Artist Stipend (2010)

Grant from Teosto (2009)

Grant from The Arts Council of Finland (2009)

Grant from Uudenmaan Cultural Fund (2008)

Madetoja – foundation stipend (2008).

Vantaa City Artist grant (2007).

Alfred Kordelin – foundation stipend (2007).

O. A. Malmi – foundation stipend (2007).

The Foundation of Promotion of Finnish Music stipend (2006).

Jenny ja Antti Wihuri foundation – stipend (2005).

The Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre stipend (2005).

Madetoja – foundation stipend (2005).

Jenny ja Antti Wihuri foundation – stipend (2002).

Finnish Composers Sibelius – foundation stipend (2002).

Majaoja-Foundation – stipend (2001).

Royal Academy of Music ”Foundation Award” (2000).

Finnish Cultural Fund – stipend (2000).

Finalist in Esslingen International Guitar Competition, Germany (2000).

Alfred Kordelin– foundation Stipend (1999).

Finalist in 1:st International Guitar Competition Moscow, Russia (1995).

Third price in K.V. Leino guitar– competition (1995).

Second price in Scandinavian Guitar Festival - guitar competition (1994).

Second price in K.V. Leino guitar– competition (1992).


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concert reviews



Classical guitarist


Classical guitarist Janne Malinen (born 1974) started to play guitar at the age of 12. In his own words, he was inspired by heavy rock and started to grew his hair and exercise the ‘One-finger – technique’Soon he began classical guitar studies (1987) in the music institute of Savonlinna under the guidance of teacher Pentti Malinen.

Janne Malinen’s professional studies ended in 2001 when Malinen graduated from the Masters Degree Programme at the Sibelius – Academy with excellent grades with Jukka Savijoki as his teacher, and the Postgraduate Performance Diploma from London Royal Academy of Music with Michael Lewin, Timothy Walker and John Mills as his teachers.

Malinens career started in 1992 when he was the youngest awarded participate in the nationally significant K.V. Leino- competition in Jyväskylä. Ever since, Malinen has performed at several guitar festivals and musical events in his homeland and abroad (England, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Estonia and USA).

In addition to solo-concerts his interest in chamber music has lead him to work with many fine artists, including META4-, KAMUS- and Savonlinna string quartets, cellist Christoph Richter and tenor Robin Tritschler.

Janne Malinen works also as a Professor at the Sibelius – Academy and has published a wide website concerning to technic of classical guitar playing.

During the last few years Malinen has collaborated with composers that has dedicated works for him (3 guitar concertos, chamber music and solos) and done live- and radio performances to Finnish national radio YLE1. Soloist appearances also with orchestras (Tapiola Sinfonietta, Lappeenranta City orchestra among others).

His debut CD “Fragilia” (Pilfink Records, 2006), that contains only contemporary works, has been praised in the music press and has been described as a bull’s eye that should be found from every guitar enthusiasts bookshelf.  Second CD ”The Renaissance Album” (Pilfink Records 2009), together with Irish tenor Robin Tritschlerin was published in Feb. 2009. Highly acclaimed  Fanfare Magazine (USA) wrote: "Indeed, what we get on this new release is guitar only, but one that is played with style and pizzazz. (...) These guys may be relatively new on the scene, but their music-making is superb, and this album can be enthusiastically recommended. (Fanfare Magazine Steven E. Ritter ").

Malinen was a founder and artistic director of Vantaan Kartanokonsertit chamber music event (Between years 2009-2012).

As a hobby he designs and creates websites to musicians and runs  : )

10k: 45:06’(2014)

Cooper: 3090m. (2018)

Marathon 3:52:35 (2016)


Oleksander Shchetynsky, Lullaby for vihuela solo (2022).
Sakari Raappana, Fuuga kitaralle (2022).
Itzam Zapata, New Intelligence sopraanolle ja kitaralle (2022).
Antti Ilvonen, laulusarja Clair Ciel sopraanolle ja kitaralle (2022).
Tuomas Turriago: Sonata or Guitar (2019, Rev. 2020).

Itzam Zapata, Reessamble, for guitar ensemble (2017)

Damian Rees, Moomin Suite for guitar solo (2016)
Olli Kortekangas, Valon Aika Suite for baritone and guitar (2016)

Itzam Zapata, Stars for soprano an guitar (2016)
Carlo Domeniconi, Inserts 1004 for guitar solo (2016)